Continuing Education Courses

Our continuing education packages are entirely online and are only $35 for all the hours you need. The Florida School of Insurance courses let you quickly complete your CE requirements entirely online and get back out there.

Check Your Status

You have to do a certain amount of CE every two years to keep your license and keep you up to date with changes in regulation and law. The number of hours you need depends on your license type and how long you’ve been licensed.

The Basics

Florida agents licensed less than six years are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education every 24 months to maintain their license. For agents licensed more than six years, the requirement is only 20 hours.

Mandatory 4-Hour Law and Ethics Requirement

Nearly all license types are required to include a 4-hour law and ethics update course with the number of hours required. So if you have been licensed less than six years, you will complete the 4-hour law and ethics course and 20 elective hours for a total of 24 hours. If you have been licensed more than six years, you will complete the 4-hour law and ethics course and 16 elective hours for a total of 20 hours.

Annuity Requirement

Effective January 1, 2024, agents holding a life insurance line of authority may not sell any annuities until first completing a one-time 4-hour Annuity Best Interest course.  

Long-Term Care

We have all the LTC training you need to stay compliant. Initial 8-hour training requirement: before selling LTC policies in Florida, producers must complete an 8-hour state approved Long-Term Care Partnership training. Ongoing 4-hour training requirement: after completing the initial 8-hour training, producers continuing to sell LTC must complete a 4-hour ongoing training every two calendar years after the initial completion.

Elective Hours

Elective hours are the remaining balance of your CE requirement aside from the 4-hour Law and Ethics course. Most licensees can satisfy this requirement by completing any approved continuing education courses we have approved for your license type. However, public adjusters will be required to satisfy ALL continuing education requirements by completing courses that are approved in the line of public adjusting. Title insurance agents are not included in the 4-hour course requirement and therefore must complete courses that are approved in the line of title insurance.

We’ve got you covered

Courses can not be duplicated within a three year window. Licensees must take a different 4-hour Law and Ethics update course every 2 years. Our system will recognize if you’ve taken courses with us in the past and we will not let you duplicate.

No need to worry about compliance

Our online courses are quick and easy, and entirely online. And if you miss something, we catch it. Betty, our Office “Captain,” is known for her attention to detail. If you miss a specific requirement or course, she catches it and makes sure that you have what you need.