Target Audience for the
Online Pre-Licensing Course

Using a lecture format is one of the most frequently used instructional methods used for adult education. At The Florida School of Insurance we use expert educators who use new and efficient ways of disseminating information that lay the foundation for learning complicated insurance theory quickly and efficiently.

Our teaching methods are delivered in a very unique manner using visual concepts and memory aids in a humorous but effective style.

Our lectures are most favored by adult learners because it is interactive, entertaining and encourages active participatory learning.

Our discussion format encourages our adult students to analyze alternative ways of thinking and encourages them to rely on their own experiences so that they have better memory recall.

However, everyone has their own style for learning and people need flexibility due to time constraints and the multitude of tasks that they typically handle each day. Therefore, to address the different modes of learning and to accommodate those people with time constraints we have successfully formatted our traditional classroom into an online lecture.

Our instructional strategies that we currently use in the traditional classroom have been adapted for facilitating online learning. Our experts chose instructional practices that we found are most effective for accomplishing your objective to ensure that you pass the insurance licensing test.

This online course successfully delivers the same visual concepts and memory aids to you, via online, in the same humorous fashion as our classroom lecture. However, to eliminate some dialog that may extend beyond the scope of the program our online lecture has been shortened and is more to the point.

Although you may not actively ask questions while taking the online course, the shortened online lectures provides enough information to serve as a basis for further reading or research. Additionally, our insurance experts are always available to assist you with your questions.

Furthermore, the Florida School of Insurance offers additional online or interactive programs and over 1,100 simulated exam questions that almost guarantee you to pass the state exams.

For more details please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. You are also invited to View a Sample Lesson.

If you are not fully convinced that an online course is right for you, we also offer a variety of Onsite Classroom Courses.

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